Eid al-Fitr Prayer 2019 (Hussainia)
The Eid al-Fitr Prayer was held in Tawheed Newcastle Islamic Centre on 5th June 2017. Numerous Faithfuls who finished one month of fasting, gathered together in Tawheed Newcastle Islamic Centre to thank their Lord for giving them success to worship Him for a month by doing the Eid Prayer in […]

Eid al-Fitr Prayer

Fasting by a Traveller The wisdom behind fasting Benefits of Fasting What Is The Philosophy Of Fast? Fasting by a Traveller 1723. A traveller for whom it is obligatory to shorten a four Rak”ats prayers to two Rak”ats, should not fast. However, a traveller who offers full prayers, like, a […]


It consists of three chapters.The first chapter, “Some Evidence for the Truth of Islam,” answers some important questions which some people ask:  Is the Qur’an truly the literal word of God, revealed by Him?  Is Muhammad 1 truly a prophet sent by God?  Is Islam truly a […]

An Illustrated guide to Islam

An Introduction to ISLAM In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful WHAT IS ISLAM? Islam is a religion which guides its followers in every aspect of their lives. It is a way of life. Islam is the modern or latest version of the message sent by God through […]

Introduction to ISLAM

Lecture given by: Shaheed Ayatollah Dr.Beheshti Preface to the 4th Edition The present book is part of the invaluable legacy of the martyr Ayatollah Dr. Beheshti. Despite its briefness, it successfully presents the principles and outlines of ISLAMIC CODE OF BEHAIVIOUR. The attractive comprehensiveness of the book together with the […]

Basic Teaching Of Islam

Newcastle Islamic Centre commemorated the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hussain (A.S) and his companions from Friday 29th of July to Thursday 11th of August 2022.  Every evening the programme started with recitation of the Holy Quran, followed by the recitation of Ziarat Aashura. Then, it continued with the speech both […]

Martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hussain 1444 AH

A special Program has been prepared For Monday 20th of August for All Sisters that will take at Tawheed Islamic Centre. The Program will start from 17:30. This is for sisters only and boys up to the age of 12.

Special Program For Sisters

Salam According to London Islamic Centre tomorrow is NOT Eid in England and Eid prayer will be held with all brothers and sisters on Mon at 8:30 in Newcastle Tawheed Islamic Centre insha Allah. The amount of Fetriyeh is 4 pounds per person. Congratulations to all in advance.

Eid Update